What is this blog all about?


Peaceful Brain is about understanding how your brain works, and how your emotions and external factors might influence how you act. It's about living mindfully. Because when you understand how and why you and other people behave in most situations of life, you start to accept yourself, your feelings, and other people's emotions. You learn to live in awareness.

We present in this blog a set of articles on Behavioral and Social Psychology, and on subjects related to the consciousness and unconsciousness of the human brain, from a scientific perspective.

The main idea is to search how to achieve a more peaceful and mindful way of living, and the overall health benefits that it brings. We explore this growing body of research providing content with the most recent studies and findings on these subjects, based on trustworthy sources. We also present multimedia content with songs and videos in order to provide a richer experience to the reader.

We welcome every reader to express his or her opinion by commenting on any of the posts, as well as any suggestions or critics to improve our blog. You are also welcome to like and follow our Facebook page (it's on the way!). We wish you find here some good knowledge, and a better understanding of yourself.

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